Miguel Angel Janeiro Fernández


I'm half Mexican half Spanish, I studied graphic design in Mexico City where i lived until 24.

Later I came to La Coruña, in the nort of Spain (Galicia) to studied a master of digital creation, and now i am working as a junior 3d modeler in a factory called Dygrafilms, i have been involved with them in several short films and now I am working on the second feature called "holy night".

Passionate about art, poetry and photography, i spend all my free time making a lot of drawings, paints and photos, i've done freelance works as a photographer designer and artist.

You can learn more about my work in these links


  • Illustrator
  • photographer
  • 3d modeller


  • drawing
  • illustration
  • art
  • photoshop
  • modelling
  • compositing
  • photography